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The Professional Association of Reinsurers operating in France

APREF (The Professional Association of Reinsurers operating in France) brings together almost all reinsurers operating on the French market as well as a variety of affiliated companies associated with the reinsurance industry (brokers, captives, retrocessionnaires, lawyers, auditors, etc.).

APREF is the largest professional organization of reinsurers in Europe. Its aim is to foster the development of reinsurance activity and further enhance the industry's knowledge of risks and their modeling with a view to developing the insurability of major emerging risks. The association actively contributes to discussions concerning current market issues with a direct impact on the reinsurance industry (bodily injury claims, extreme events, nursing-care, terrorism, cyber risks, etc.) in cooperation with supervisory bodies, public authorities and European agencies.

APREF also seekS to develop reinsurance information and knowledge, both for experts and the general public, through numerous publications.


APREF is the French Association of Professional Reinsurers. It was created in 2005 through the merger of 3 existing reinsurer's association :

  • APREMAF : Professional Reinsurers Association
  • ARF : French Reinsurers Association
  • UREF : Foreign Reinsurers Association


APREF main goals are the following:

  • To be a brainstorming laboratory for any subject linked to the reinsurance industry
  • To be a discussion's forum for the french market insurance and reinsurance players
  • To be the first choice contact for the local authorities, the professionnal association or any other structure linked to the reinsurance industry
  • To be a privileged address in France for any person and/or body abroad involved in the reinsurance market




There are today approximately 95 "members" at the APREF. They are all operating in France and the vast majority of them are local.

These members more than 90% of the overall premiums ceded by the direct insurers to the French reinsurance market.

There are as well "associated members" such as Brokers, Consultants or "Run-off" companies participating in the discussions.



How to join

To become a member you just need to: 1) Complete the "Subscription form" and return it either through the post or e-mail ( at the following address :

                                              Monsieur Bernard Durand
                                              Délégué Général de l’APREF
                                              26 boulevard Haussmann
                                              75009 Paris

2) Pay the annual subscription fee depending on your membership's category as follows :

  • Members (Professional reinsurers): depends on the reinsurance turnover in France
  • Associated members (Brokers, Consultants, Others...) : between € 825 and € 2 200, depending on the reinsurance turnover in France
  • Individual members : € 100


APREF's organizational structure is articulated around the board of directors to which the following entities report :

  • The General Secretary.
  • Two non-operating committees (ARF committee and UREF committee).
  • Five operating committees : Finance and legal committee, Administration committee, International committee, Paris Place commitee and Technical committee.

If needed, either commissions (permanent assignments) or task forces (specific assignments) can possibly be linked to the above mentioned operating committees. The members will meet at least once a year for a "general assembly". On this special occasion the chairman of the Association will deliver a report presenting the board of directors activities during the previous year.

Click here to see the APREF organigramme

Association des Professionnels
de la Réassurance en France

26 boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris - FRANCE